Environ is an established leader in skincare. Extensive medical trials have shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin. Vitamin A has long been known as the 'skin vitamin' but only recently has attention been focused on it as a 'normaliser' of skin. It helps to protect and reverse established photo-ageing, and improve hydration.

The Environ range is effective because it incorporates the most important vitamins, antioxidants and treatment systems to counteract the visible signs of ageing.

The foundation of Environ is vitamin A in the form of Retinyl Palmitate & Acetate. Environ is unique in that vitamin A is used in graduated concentrations. This allows you to eventually treat your skin to the highest levels of vitamin A without the possibility of developing the retinoid reation common to all forms of Vitamin A.

Environ products are intended for use on all skin types, on people of all ages and both genders.The products are only manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and fresh, active vitamins. They are hypo-allergenic and colourant free. Preservatives and fragrance only used when neccessary. All Environ skincare products are tested only by human volunteers.

Little Lotus Beauty is a registered stockist of all Environ skincare products.

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