Fakebake Tanning


Prepare To Bare...

Fake Bake constantly strives to develop products to meet the requirements of evermore informed customers. Recent developments made by our in-house laboratories in the use of advanced botanical ingredients has enabled us to remove Parabens and artificial preservatives from our products, introduce added skincare benefits like anti-ageing, anti-cellulite and antioxidants, and develop products tailored for specific skin-tones.

For the first time there’s a totally safe tanning regime tailored to the individual’s requirements. This perpetual investment in Research and Development means that Fake Bake will always be at the fore-front of sunless tanning technology for years to come.

  • Fake Bake Spray Tan - £25.00
  • Half body - £15.00

*products available to purchase

Treatment advice


  • If you have sensitive skin or any concerns, please obtain a patch test
  • Exfoliate and moisturise days before
  • Stop using other tanning products 1 wk before
  • Remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hrs before
  • On the day remove all makeup, deodrant, perfume, oils/lotions
  • Bring loose dark baggy clothing and flip flops

During development....

  • Avoid tight clothing, avoid perspiration, keep skin dry, keep tan on for 6-8 hours, avoid other beauty/hair treatments


  • Rinse off after 6-8hours
  • gently pat skin dry
  • While skin still wet spray skin smoothie oil
  • avoid scrubs/body brushes
  • swimming will shorten life of tan
  • Avoid products containing AHA's